Odd Salon is more than an event, it is a community. Having grown from a small group of friends into a vibrant and diverse larger community, we recognize the need to codify our expectations for behavior at and on behalf of Odd Salon.
We are committed to providing a welcoming, harassment-free environment for our community, including Fellows, speakers, volunteers, and our guests, at our live salons, workshops, meet ups, and social occasions as well as in our online conversations.

These are our expectations of our community:

Odd Salon is dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas and sharing of unusual knowledge over cocktails, harkening back to the oldest symposia and the Enlightenment salons that inspire our project. We strive to promote conversations, camaraderie, and a convivial environment of sharing as an active community of curious minds. In support of that, we expect everyone participating in Odd Salon to adhere to a basic code of conduct as follows:


Speakers, Fellows, volunteers and attendees of Odd Salon are expected to treat each other with the greatest respect, to be welcoming and understanding, to be cheerful supporters of other’s areas of enthusiasm and expertise, and to hold each other to this standard.

Everyone attending Odd Salon must respect common sense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. Anyone feeling that their safety is at risk should speak with Odd Salon management, bar staff, or the venue security, so that the matter can be handled promptly, or you may contact us via the info at the bottom of this page.  


Odd Salon talks frequently address bawdy or uncomfortable facets of the past: they are adult talks, in an adult environment, with adult beverages. Our general stance is that censorship does a disservice to the diffusion of knowledge. At the same time, even the most terrible behavior from the past can and should be talked about with sensitivity as befits a symposium. Similarly, discussions and pictures related to a celebration of sexuality, including nudity in art and person, are allowed in context.

It is the responsibility of the speakers to present their material thoughtfully, and a speaker who has a question about the material in their talks should please bring that question to the curator for feedback and support.


Odd Salon encourages responsible cocktailing.

Odd Salon is by design an environment of sharing knowledge over cocktails. We believe that cocktails lubricate the mind in a way that is conducive to conversations and a convivial environment of sharing.

Odd Salon Fellows and speakers are expected to drink responsibly, and always know that the option to NOT drink will never be frowned upon. Furthermore, our community is asked to support each other in moderation, and keeping each other safe should someone have a whiskey too many. Odd Salon will ALWAYS call a car for someone if they should not drive themselves.


No forms of violence, sexual abuse or harassment, verbal or otherwise, will be tolerated at Odd Salon. Additionally, Odd Salon is committed to providing an environment not only free of harassment towards Fellows and speakers, staff, members and our guests, but to be an actively positive and inclusive community.

If you witness behavior that you feel is inappropriate at a salon or other Odd Salon related event, we ask that you both bring it to the management’s attention, via the info at the bottom of this page. 

Issues brought to our attention will be dealt with on a case by case basis. It is our hope and intention to be able to work through problems through clear communication and setting of boundaries and terms of further participation, but where this is not possible, we retain the right to disallow participation in Odd Salon, our related events, and community.

If you have questions or concerns about behavior at Odd Salon, or this code of conduct, please contact us.

Annetta Black, Curator of Odd Salon