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Shakespeare, Ciphers, and Spies

In this episode, Odd Salon Fellow Eva Galperin brings us a love story with code breaking, featuring Shakespeare, espionage, eccentric millionaires, and the greatest cryptographer you’ve never heard of.

Science and the Center of the Earth

In this episode, Odd Salon Fellow and resident geologist Miles Traer tells a story of extraordinary persistence and scientific dedication and groundbreaking research into the composition of our very planet. 

The Mystery of the Green Children

In this episode, Odd Salon Fellow Beth Abdallah sorts fact from fiction in the mysterious tale of two green skinned children who wandered out of the woods one day into a small village in England.

From Shipwreck to Masterpiece

In this episode, Odd Salon Fellow Kelly Jensen takes us on an ill-fated sea voyage that would go on to inspire one of literature’s greatest works.

Audubon’s Anomalous Animals

In this episode, Odd Salon Fellow Stuart Gripman shares the true story of the scientifically undignified pranks of one of America’s greatest ornithologists, driven to his wits’ end by an unruly rival.

Natation of the Naiads

In this episode, Odd Salon Fellow Barbara North looks at the colorful world of competitive and performative swimming ladies in the Victorian era.

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Sword Slinging and Opera Singing

In this episode, opera singer Marisa Lenhardt looks into the history and legacy of one of opera’s most audacious singers, who counterbalanced her stage time with sword fighting.

A Prankster in the Emperor’s Court

In this episode, Odd Salon Fellow Sahil M Bansal explores a story on the line between historical fact and folklore, and the exceptional 16th century relationship between India’s Mughal Emperor Akbar, and his witty advisor, Birbal.

The Hall of Extinct Monsters

In this episode, Odd Salon Fellow Amy Widdowson looks at the lasting legacy of the Smithsonian dinosaur collection, and the rival Victorian paleontologists who spared no efforts in undoing the other. 

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