The Odd Salon Fellowship

A Fellowship of speakers is at the heart of Odd Salon.

We look to our Fellowship to help guide this project, to act as mentors and enthusiastic supporters of our speakers and larger community, and to represent our goals of the pursuit and distribution of unusual knowledge, the craft of storytelling, and the shared rights of all to access and share our collective cultural heritage.

Our Fellowship comes from our ranks of regular speakers, selected by the curatorial team for their commitment to seeking and sharing delightful and strange stories, and being an active and involved participant in our various projects. Fellowship is not dependent on specific levels or areas of academic or professional expertise, and, like our salons, includes both experts and enthusiastic amateurs, from artists to scientists, scholars to technology workers, writers and historians to stage performers and musicians.

Invitations to the Fellowship are generally extended to speakers upon their third talk within a calendar year, upon approval by the Curator.

In order to stay in good standing and be eligible to guest curate salons, we expect the following of our Fellows:

  • Be available to speak at least once a year
  • Attend Odd Salon frequently, and support  fellow speakers with applause and conversation
  • Volunteer for support positions on salon nights
  • Mentor both new speakers and each other
  • Work on your craft as a storyteller
  • Meet and support the new faces as they come into Odd Salon
  • Be generous with your knowledge, skills, and spirit of camaraderie
  • Actively provide feedback and constructive criticism to your fellow speakers
  • Actively provide feedback, observations, ideas and suggestions to the partnership and the fellowship at large about how we can improve
  • Attend and actively participate in courses, field trips, and retreats offered to Odd Salon Fellows

Fellows of Odd Salon are our representatives, and are expected to hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct at Odd Salon, as outlined in our Code of Conduct