Partners & COnspirators

We Play Well With Others

Odd Salon has partnered up with several terrific organizations to bring Odd Salon to their audiences, and their experts to our stage. We’ve conspired with museums and historical societies, tall ships, science festivals, and fellow speaking series for site specific salons and special events. Our leadership is also available to teach story and stage craft workshops for individuals or groups. 

We are always excited about opportunities to work with other curious minded organizations to surface stories from collections, mix it up with other nerdy communities, pop-up in unexpected places, and collaborate on new projects. Wanna conspire? Get in touch>

The San Francisco Time Travel Series at the California Historical Society

We created a six part series exploring the San Francisco bay area’s overlooked and odd histories, in collaboration with the librarians and archivists of the California Historical Society. The sold-out series featured Odd Salon speakers, special invited guests, and pop-up mini exhibits of objects from the collections related to the stories told and eras being highlighted. 

Exploratorium After Dark Halloween Collaborations & Residency

We’ve brought spooky science speakers to the Exploratorium science museum’s After Dark series for three installations of Halloween inspired salons and online talks, including hands-on demonstrations of scientific concepts, live musical performance, and strange but true stories from the undertold histories of science. In 2020, this collaboration was expanded into a month long residency, producing three evenings of virtual stories for pandemic times.

Heroic Antarctica Salon with the Long Now Foundation

We partnered with the Long Now Foundation for a whiskey tasting and Antarctic history salon at their Interval salon space, bringing tales of intrepid explorers, ill-fated expeditions, and horny penguins in a look back at the so-called “heroic” age of exploration. These stories were paired with a special tasting of the Shackleton whisky, re-created from frozen bottles found beneath the explorer’s Antarctic hut discovered by researchers in 2006.

Tall Ship Sailing Salons with Gray's Harbor Historic Seaport

We have taken to the high seas (and calmer coastal waters) on the historic tall ships Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain to sing sea chanteys and tell stories of sea monsters and shipwrecks, pirate treasure and adventures in the big blue. 

Let's do something weird, together