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INTREPID ~ June 9, 2015

Stories of brave souls & fearless minds, daredevils, risk takers, troublemakers & adventures from the ends of the Earth

June 9, 2015 at DNA Lounge


Kelly Jensen ~ A Boatload of Tortoises: The Galapagos Expedition of 1905-1906

Chris Carrico ~ For Love of Speed: John Stapp, “The Fastest Man on Earth”

John Adams ~ Nearly Lost: How the Secrets of Polynesian Navigation were Saved

Casey Selden ~ 1,172 Days on the Ice: The Arctic Travails of Nansen & Johansen

Josh Greenwalt ~ Cannonball Run 1907: The Paris to Peking Rally

John Law ~ CarHunt: The Biggest Game on the North American Continent