You are currently viewing REVENGE ~ Nov 17, 2015

REVENGE ~ Nov 17, 2015

Stories of retribution & ruthless vengeance, ceaseless vendettas, satisfaction served cold & the many unpleasant forms consequences can take

Tues, Nov 17, 2015 at DNA Lounge


Michael Sollazzo ~ Every Blade Has Two Edges: The High Cost of Vengeance

Daniel Cohen ~ Attribution and Retribution: Lighthouses, Nazis, and Rabbits

Marci Bennett ~  The Unkindness of Ravens: A Corvid’s Cunning

Isolde Honore ~ Going Medieval: The Ferocious Vengeance of Jeanne de Clisson

Kurt Larson ~ JUSTIFIED: Hollywood-Sanctioned Violence Porn

Meeks Baker ~ May You Live In Interesting Times: Tales of the Vexed and Hexed

Curated by Jade Hoffman