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FAKE ~ March 25, 2014

It was a pleasure to spend last Tuesday uncovering the truth behind the veil of deception with all of you. In FAKE we followed a French con man who lived as a 15-year-old Texan boy, learned that psychics don’t like to be put on the spot on national TV, and some very disturbing facts about robot sex. A desperate madman’s deception was unraveled through his post-mortem journals, a master forger became a legend, and we all discovered that when it comes to holding our breath, we’re pathetic amateurs.

Impostors looking for love and a shipwrecked man unwilling to lose face made us feel things, scaling the walls of the uncanny valley and gazing upon the face of the blob fish made us all feel…very uncomfortable.

Our speakers improvised with interpretive dance when Amazing Randi was too much man for our superior technology, and revealed their own secret identities and scandalous pasts. We learned almost a little too much at FAKE, but the take away was this: Amazonian weredolphins are real, and none of us can be trusted.

Odd Salon Fake - Rachel James

Rachel displayed the house collection of counterfeits, graciously loaned to us by the management at DNA Lounge where they were discovered.

Odd Salon Fake - Tamar Baskind

Tamar shared stories of the extraordinary lengths some people will go to in pursuit love.

Odd Salon Fake

The evening’s cocktail was dedicated to PT Barnum’s elephant, Jumbo, who reportedly had a taste for whiskey.

Odd Salon Fake - Annetta Black

Annetta explained how NOT to sail around the world.

Odd Salon Fake - Marci Bennett

Marci invoked the giant floating head of the Amazing Randi, unmasker of fake psychics and phony faith healers.

Odd Salon Fake

Odd Salon Fake - Steen Comer

Steen made it weird. Deeply, unsettlingly weird. Well done, sir.

Odd Salon Fake

Rachel explained that the antiquarian book biz requires “a little larceny in your heart.”

Odd Salon Fake

Amber introduced us to deep sea creatures real and unreal, and the people out to make a buck off you either way.

Odd Salon Fake

Odd Salon Fake

Odd Salon Fake

Real. Amazingly.

Odd Salon Fake

Jade took over our live Twitter feed and made it AMAZING.

Odd Salon Fake

And then, the very next day, this happened.

Thank you to our evening’s speakers Tamar Baskind, Marci Bennett, Steen Comer and Amber Guetebier.

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