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Port De San Francisco Dans La Haute Californie, Eugene Duflot de Mofras 1844


Odd Salon Before San Francisco
Port De San Francisco Dans La Haute Californie, Eugene Duflot de Mofras 1844

General research and reading: San Francisco pre-Gold Rush


At the Edge of the Known World: Wayward Explorers, Distant Empires & the Foundations of San Francisco

  • The First Spanish Ship Entry into San Francisco Bay, 1775 – The Original Narrative by Fr. Vicente Maria, Howell Books, San Francisco. 1971


Fauna, Flora, Floods & Faultlines: San Francisco’s Hidden Nature


The Military & the Missionary Men: Exploration, Conflict and Compromise in Spanish Alta California


Guadalupe, María de la Luz & Juana Briones: San Francisco’s Original Start Up Sisters


Robert Ridley, Aguardente and the Art of Getting Drunk in Old Yerba Buena


Resources at the California Historical Society

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For each salon, we  invite our speakers to share the resources and interesting reading they came across in researching their talk, so that we can all dig more deeply. This reading list was compiled by Odd Salon with Marie Silva of the California Historical Society, and speakers John Martini, Miles Traer, Matthew Nelson, KC Crowell and Josh Greenwalt. Thank you!