You are currently viewing IMPOSTER ~ October 3, 2017

IMPOSTER ~ October 3, 2017

Stories of cunning charlatans & mischievous mountebanks, fakes, frauds & great pretenders

October 3rd, 2017, at Public Works SF.


Barbara North ~ Delightful Deceits With Trompe-l’œil
Eva Galperin ~ This Is Not My Beautiful Wife: The Capgras Delusion
Matt Mills ~ The Ship of Theseus: How Do You Know You’re Real?
Aaron Doran ~ Published Lies Are Truer: Pslamanazar’s Land Of Formosa
Christina Liu ~ The Real-life Hua Mulan
Cameo Wood ~ The Original Imitation Game: Party Games & Turing Tests

Curated by Michael Brodhead