You are currently viewing OCCULT ~ October 17, 2017

OCCULT ~ October 17, 2017

Tales of dark mysteries & alchemical pursuits, esoteric practices & the quest for arcane knowledge

October 17th, 2017, at Public Works SF.


Christopher Reeves ~ Science vs. Ectoplasm: Your Orifices Aren’t Haunted
Lindsay Lelivelt ~ Who ya Gonna Call?: Catching up with London’s Original Ghostbusters
Tania Seabock ~ From Abigor to Zaebos: The Dictionnaire Infernal
David Grosof ~ The Haunting of Hamlet, Ghost Detective
Beth Abdallah ~ The Sexually Repressed & Demon Posessed Nuns of Loudun
Paige Lawrence ~ Slain in the Spirit: Faith & the Phenomenon of Spirit Possession

Curated by Annetta Black