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PHENOMENON ~ Feb 10, 2015

Stories of the unexplained and fantastic, from marvels of nature to quirks of the mind, and why we want to believe in the impossible.

Feb 10, 2015 – Opening Night on the big stage


Jade Hoffman ~ Indistinguishable From Magic: Science in the Middle Ages
Amy Widdowson Mains & Miles Traer ~ Science, Spectacle and Transmission: The Krakatoa Sunsets
Douglas Worley ~ Connections, Conspiracy & Apophenia
Aj Anderson ~ Luminous Balls & Fire from the Sky
Patrick House ~ The Illusion of Others: More Than Meets the I
Marcelo Pontin ~ The Angel’s Glow of Shiloh: Solving the Mystery of the Civil War’s Glowing Bodies
Raven Ebner ~ Hypnogogia & the Art of the Nightmare

Speaker’s Books:

Augsburg Book of Miraculous Signs

The Complete Books of Charles Fort

Further Reading, selected by the speakers of PHENOMENON>