You are currently viewing QUEST ~ Apr 12, 2016

QUEST ~ Apr 12, 2016

Tales of the hunter & the hunted, fabled treasures & impossible futures,
legendary adventures, long-sought cures & quixotic pursuits

April 12th, 2016 at the DNA Lounge.


Amy Mains ~ History’s Helpful Hindrance: The Hutchings Quest for Yosemite
Chris Carrico ~ Getting Above It All: Mountaineering and the Search for the Unexplored
Jade Hoffman ~ Creating Fact from Fiction: The Search for Prester John
Matthew Nelson ~ Boots on Mars
Andrey Tselikov ~ It’s Dangerous to go Alone: Quest Narratives & Oral Tradition
Daen de Leon ~ Is There Anybody Out There? Obsessing Over ET

Curated by Annetta Black.