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CURSED ~ March 24, 2015

Stories of ill-fated adventure & horrifying luck, lost tombs & famous diamonds, evil eyes & incantations to steer the forces of fate

March 17, 2015 at DNA Lounge


Ryan Galiotto ~ The Power of Goat: For Good AND Evil?

Kurt Larson ~ Virtue, Sin, Blessing & Curse in Coleridge’s Rime

Casey Selden ~ “His heart shall not be content in life” – Real Curses of Ancient Egypt

Janelle Slavik ~ Belief in Pain: It’s All in your Head

Laura Rubin ~ “…But You Can Never Leave” – The Truth of the Curse of Santa Cruz

Tamar Baskind ~ Of Cussing & Cursing & the Power of Language

Speaker’s Book: The Odyssey, by Homer