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STOLEN ~ July 11, 2017

Tales of purloined goods & pilfered ideas, plagiarizers, poachers & history’s most unrepentant thieves.

July 11th, 2017, at Public Works SF


Casey Selden – Stolen to Steal: the Life Story of Ino Moxo
Egan Hirvela – The Raiders of Tut’s Tomb: A Tale of Archaeology, Curses & Theft
Arthur Kay – The Pilgrims Did a Bit of Grave Robbing
Ryan Galiotto – All That Napoleon Lost
Kathleen Antonia – Check Yo’self Before You Rector-i-rect Yourself: The Fate & Fortunes of Sarah Rector
Dhaya Lakshminarayanan – Under Pressure: How the Kohinoor became the Queen’s Diamond

Curated by Christian Cagigal