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HOAX ~ August 1, 2017

Classic hoaxes and tall tales from history’s greatest liars — from the professional pranks of PT Barnum and wonderful lies of Baron von Munchausen, to the details of fake people and phony artifacts, miraculous bunnies, talking weasels, and the phantom isles of cartography’s past.

August 1st, 2017, at Public Works SF.


KC Crowell – Do You Know the Way to Hy-Brazil
Beth Abdallah – Schadenfreude & Malarkey: Lying Stones & Other Shenanigans
Alexander Razo-Myers – Mermaids & Giants, Sideshows & Circuses: PT Barnum, Master of Hoaxes
Josh Greenwalt – The Quest for Perpetual Motion
Daniel Cohen – Cracked Conyles & Paranormal PEARs: The Pildown Man’s Orgasmic Legacy
Misha Frankly – Munchausen by Proxy: Confessions of an Honest Liar

Curated by Annetta Black