You are currently viewing DAREDEVIL~ November 21, 2017

DAREDEVIL~ November 21, 2017

Stories of risk takers and adrenaline-driven adventures, those who defy death, gamble with their lives, and cast safety to the winds.

November 21st, 2017 at Public Works SF.


Kurt Larson ~Abbas Ibn Firnas: A Man who Plummeted a Lot
Gillian Wolfe ~ Mabel Stark: The OG Crazy Cat Lady
KC Crowell ~ Irving and Exy: Seven Times Around the World with Teenagers in Tow
Dan von Hoyel ~ From Daughter of Sharecroppers to Queen of Barnstormers
Barry Synoground ~ Lincoln Beachey: Master Birdman
Christina Liu ~ Leading a Horse to Water and Making it Dive

Curated by Chris Carrico