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CURIOSITY ~ February 6, 2018

Exploring the nature of intellectual inquiry and its many manifestations from the cabinets of wonder of the Enlightenment the collectors of oddities behind them, the roots of the scientific revolution to the question of what exactly killed the cat.

February 6th, 2018 at Public Works SF.


Reigh Robitaille ~ Treasures, Secrets, & Scandals of Rudolf II
James Manion ~ Barbara von Beck: A Face To Be Seen
Casey Selden ~ How Do You Measure a Pachy-term? Ibn Al-Jazari’s Amazing Elephant Clock
Andrey Tselikov ~ Curiosity Killed the Wives: Punishment and Reward in Myth and Folktales
Seth Rosenblatt ~ Frederik Ruysch’s Anatomical Oddities and Human Dioramas
Amy Mains ~ The Egyptian Hall: Performative Curiosities in London’s House of Mysteries

Curated by Annetta Black