You are currently viewing ODDMENTS ~ December 12, 2017

ODDMENTS ~ December 12, 2017

A celebration of odd bits & strange tales, overlooked marvels, unsung heroes, & uncommon knowledge, high adventure and scientific innovation, unlikely heroes and strange beasts, detachable heads and scantily clad beauties.

December 12th, 2017, at Public Works SF.


Leonard Apeltsin ~ In Search of Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island
Kate O’Donnell ~ Seaweed v. Nazis: How a Typo Helped Win World War II
Jocelyn Rodal ~ Clothing On, Clothing Off: High Art Nudes & Painted Porn
Laura Rubin ~ Jeremy Bentham & the Formula for Happiness
Daniel Cohen ~ Renaissance Rhinoplasty: Swords, Syphilis, and Facial Farming
Richard Cody Nichols ~ The Ghost of the Forest: The Search for the Mysterious Okapi

Curated by Annetta Black