You are currently viewing ILLUSION ~ July 22, 2014

ILLUSION ~ July 22, 2014

Stories of deception & mirage, optical oddities, false beauty & masters of manipulation

July 22, 2014 at DNA Lounge


Miles Traer ~ The Greatest Card Cheat & the Mythical Sleight

Justin Oliphant ~ Mystery Spots, Gravity Hills & the Perpetuation of the Mysterious

Laura Rubin ~ The Illusion of Perfection: Fake Boobs, Fake Butts & Our Unending Struggle With Human Inadequacy

Patrick House ~ Pulling the Puppet Strings: How the Brain Tricks Itself

Tysa Rauch ~ Space Aliens & Deadly Beauty: Cosmetic Triumph & Folly

Paul Nathan ~ How Do They Do That? The Art of Prestidigitation

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