You are currently viewing ODDMENTS 2016 ~ Dec 13 2016

ODDMENTS 2016 ~ Dec 13 2016

A year’s end celebration of odds & ends, bits & bibelots, peculiar plots & strange sagas

December 13, 2016 at DNA Lounge

Beth Abdallah ~ The Mysterious Green Children of Woolpit

Marci Bennett ~ Attack of the Snow Goons: The Strange History of the Snowman

Daen de Leon ~ Tycho Brahe: The Life & Bizarre Death of an Astronomical Superstar

Arthur Kay ~ The Power of the Imagination: A Cognitive Glitch that Inspires the World

Michael Sollazzo ~ The House on the Rock: The Eccentric Creativity of Alex Jordan

Andrey Tselikov ~ How to Drink Like a Poet: Toasting Traditions from Russia & the Caucasus

Curated by Annetta Black