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COSMOS ~ June 14, 2016

Tales of the universe expansive, the stars & planets & wonders of space, of invented worlds, imagined realities & our tiny place amongst it all.

June 14th, 2016 at the DNA Lounge.


John Adams ~ Orreys & Clockworks: Dispelling the Geocentric Illusion
Christian Cagigal ~ Alexander von Humboldt: Inventor of the Kosmos
Rebecca Joseph ~ Music of the Spheres: Maths, Ether & Astroseismology
Justin Oliphant ~ Mankind’s Heroes: The Canine Cosmonauts
Tania Seabock ~ Celestial Arts: Picturing the Heavens
Stuart Gripman ~ First Light: Dr. Nancy Roman & the Hubble Space Telescope
Casey Seldon ~ We Are Made of Starstuff

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