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MAPPED ~ June 28, 2016

Stories of cartographic masterpieces, charted territories & terra incognita, of dragons & sea nymphs, surveyors & trailblazers & the myth of the fully mapped world

June 28th, 2016 at the DNA Lounge.


Miles Traer – The Geology of Game of Thrones: Real Science Hidden in Fiction
Barbara North – Between Legend and Land: Fra Mauro’s Map of the World
Marcelo Pontin – The Island of California: How bad mapping created a state.
Kelly Jensen – Whatever Happened to Sir John Franklin? The Search for the Open Polar Sea
Jonathan Pirro – X Marks the Spot! (I Kidd, I Kidd)
Nick Angel – Subterranean Cartography or How I Learned to Embrace My Inner Cthulhu

Curated by Isolde Honore.