You are currently viewing ENDEAVOR ~ July 12, 2016

ENDEAVOR ~ July 12, 2016

Stories of extraordinary effort & epic undertakings, heroic measures & of doing the utmost… against all odds

July 12th, 2016 at the DNA Lounge.


Lilia Gutnik ~ The Actor & the Assassin: The Greatest Hamlet You’ve Never Heard Of
Justin Quimby ~ To the North Pole by Airship
Besha Grey ~ Doming the Duomo
Paige Lawrece ~ The Road to Rashid: Translating Egypt’s Hieroglyphics
Alexander Razo-Myers ~ No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham & the City Beautiful
Dr. Rich Lee ~ Life, Death & the 1999 Everest Millennium Expedition

Curated by Annetta Black.