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ODDMENTS ~ Dec 15, 2015

An end of year celebration of stories that refused to be themed, of odd ends & spare parts, strange tales, sundries & wondrous miscellanea

Dec 15, 2015 at DNA Lounge, San Francisco.

Tamar Baskind ~ The Many Lives of the Claflin Sisters

Lilia Gutnik ~ How to Win a Horse Race (with Kidnapping, Sabotage, and Bribes)

Frederic Lightning Leist ~ Metamorphosis: A Scientist Comes out of Her Cocoon

Christian Cagigal ~ The Spirits of Mary Ellen Pleasant

Raven Ebner ~ Object Power: The Art of Magical Items

Christopher Reeves ~ Let Slip the Sparkles of War

Annetta Black ~ Love Unhinged & the Corpse Queen of Portugal

Curated by Annetta Black